Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some people get it...

Some people get that they are the voice of animals.

On Monday, temperatures reached 91 degrees in NE Ohio.  It was a miserable day to be outside much less a car.  Yet, someone took their dog to WalMart with them...and proceed to leave the poor dog in the car with the windows open 'a little'.  Another shopper called police after about 20 minutes.  Fortunately, the dog was still alive.

Owner was arrested and is to appear in court on June 5th. 

All I have to say is 'good job' to the person who called and the police.  They very well may have saved a life.

As summer begins, NEVER leave your pet in a car on a hot day.  Not for 5 minutes.  Either leave your pet at home or leave someone in the car with him/her and leave the car running.  If you see a pet in a car that looks distressed, please call 911.  Please help save lives this summer.

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